Vijaysar For Diabetes

Vijaysar For Diabetes


Diabetes is one of those diseases, which can't be cured, yet can be managed well; be it through participating in workouts, following a sound diet, or prescriptions. Ayurveda additionally recommends a few herbs that can be compelling in dealing with this condition well. Perhaps the most famously utilized herb is VIJAYSAR WOOD that is known to manage glucose levels. Also known as named as Pterocarpus Marsupium, vijaysar is notable as Malabar kino and Indian kino and is native to Sri Lanka, India, and Nepal. This herb is generally utilized in Ayurveda for its therapeutic and healing properties. Let's look at how vijaysar helps in maintaining your blood sugar levels and manage diabetes well.

How Vijaysar helps in managing diabetes?

It is said that the anti-hyperlipidemic properties of the vijaysar tree help reduce total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein, and serum triglyceride levels in the body. It additionally will decrease symptoms of diabetes like regular pee, overeating and burning sensation in limbs, etc. According to Ayurveda Expert, Dr. Ashutosh Gautam, "Vijaysar can be utilized as utensils like glass, as powder, or a tablet as well. It improves insulin sensitivity, peripheral utilization of glucose, GLUT4, Hepato glycogen levels, which ultimately reduce "blood sugar level"


As per Ayurveda master Dr. Smash N Kumar from NirogStreet, "Vijaysar is local to India and discovered for the most part in the Indian subcontinent. Vijaysar found in western ghat wildernesses are viewed as useful for controlling Diabetes. Vijaysar increases digestive Agni and increases insulin production in the body. It is not difficult to take Vijaysar; Get a good quality Vijaysar Wood Tumbler and put water into it, the shade of the water would change to reddish-brown. Drink it in the morning before breakfast. "Similarly it can be utilized twice."

How to utilize vijaysar for diabetes?

1. It is believed that in olden times, Ayurveda gurus used vijaysar wood to control diabetes. It is said to be a time-tested method of managing blood sugar levels. These days, it is all the more effectively accessible as Tumbler, powder & tablets. Here's how you can use vijaysar to control diabetes:

2. Vijaysar wood tumblers are available; all you need to do is to add some water to the tumbler overnight. The tumbler will turn the water into reddish-brown color and have a neutral taste. Drink it the morning on an empty stomach. Tumblers made of vijaysar wood are said to last up to 40-45 days.

3. You could add water to the vijaysar wood tumbler overnight and drink the water empty stomach the next morning to control diabetes.

4. You could likewise have vijaysar as tablets and powder with water.

Use this herb to manage diabetes and ensure that you are consuming it under strict supervision. Do not forget to pair this treatment with a healthy diet and exercise to ensure a healthy you.