Q. What is Vijayasar Wood Tumbler?


A. Vijayasar Wood Tumbler is made from the heartwood of the Pterocarpus Marsupium tree. This tree is known for its property for managing मधुमेह. In ancient times people suffering from मधुमेह soaked the wood in water and consumed this herbal water after 8-10 hours. Tumbler is conveniently shaped so that water can be easily poured and consumed.


Q. What are the side effects of using Vijayasar Wood Tumbler?


A. There are Zero Side Effects of using it. As Vijayasar Wood Tumbler is recommended by ayurvedic scriptures.


Q. What is the maximum time period I can use Tumbler?


A. A Tumbler lasts for approx 30-45 days. It is recommended to buy a new one after that or when the color of the water stops changing.


Q. How does the Water of this tumbler taste? Does it taste bitter?


A. The water of this tumbler does not taste bitter. The taste is neutral. It contains a light woody smell. The color of water changes to reddish-brown.


Q. Who can use this herbal wood tumbler?


A. Men and women of all ages especially persons with मधुमेह.


Q. How can I order Vijayasar Wood Tumbler?


A. You can order it online or place your order @ +91 7696477646 (Call or Whatsapp)


Q. When my order will be delivered?


A. Your order will be delivered in 3 to 7 days after the call verification.